Sunday, 25 November 2012

Baby Post - Stretch Marks;

Stretch marks, the worry of most pregnant women.

This is how I've dealt with the stretch mark cream, oils and general 'stretch mark aid market'

Truth is, I never really worried about stretch marks. It all comes down to your skin type tbh. You can use as many oils and creams as you want, but they only aid your skin, they don't prevent them.

Near the start of my pregnancy, I was drawn to brands like;

Palmers Tummy Butter £5.60

Bio Oil

And other brands.

But, the media has an amazing way of feeding your fears - it makes these products to think you need them.

Palmers tummy butter - what? You can use any of the Palmers and that would help your skin - Bio Oil, why not use baby oil?

Throughout my pregnancy, I did buy one tube of stretch mark cream, and one oil one - I learnt very quickly that I didn't need to use these products, as most of the ingredients are in normal moisturisers. I used Nivea soft to begin with at the start of the pregnancy, and then changed to Jergens Naturals.

Please don't be fooled by the media with brands that target stretch marks, chances are, your normal moisturiser is just as good as buying something else of the market. 

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