Friday, 9 November 2012

Winter Loving - Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate

I'm currently loving Liz Earle's Superskin Concentrate. During the winter months my skin becomes more dry than during summer. You can buy this in 28ml for £40.25 which is less good for traveling, and comes in a pump bottle - a 10ml roller (which is the one I have) for £19.75, perfect for your handbag or traveling and a 2ml sample for £5.75.
Even though it is expensive, it is worth it. Seein' as this was my first time trying it, I decided to buy the 10ml roller, and I got it from Ebay because I didn't want to pay the full price for something I hadn't tried before.
I use this every night before I go to bed, it feels so relaxing when you apply it to the skin. You massage it into your skin, and have a lovely scent of oils which smells so gorgeous! When you massage it into your skin, it makes it instantly softer.
This makes my skin so soft and it means my lazy self doesn't have to cleanse every night. Liz Earle's says this is perfect for all skin types. It balances out oily skin and makes dry skin softer.
Needless to say, I love this product! I would buy it again and again for the winter. It's saving my skin from being dry and dull.
For anyone with dry or normal skin, I'd say go for it! For anyone with oily skin, I cannot reccommend this due to not having oily skin myself.

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