Saturday, 29 December 2012

Recent Buy;

Clinique Redness Solutions in #01 - Calming Alabaster £23.00 - SPF 15 - 30ml

I have naturally red cheeks, and it is something that hasn't bothered me until now. I've seen the Clinique Redness Solutions range for some time now, and I've only just recently been bothered enough by my redness to actually buy this. I've yet to try it, as I bought it late in the evening and there was no point in trying it without natural light. I've seen so many reviews on this, and most of them were positive. Hopefully it'll help my redness - I'll be doing a review on it soon, after giving it a full test!

On first looks I have to say I like how sleek and slim the packaging is. It's perfect to slip into your make up bag, or any bag for that matter! On a downside, it does feel cheap and it doesn't feel like it's worth £23.00. Hopefully the product will make up for the cheap feel of the packaging. Apart from that, I like everything else. You squeeze the product out, and this allows you to get the perfect amount without overusing the product. 

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