Sunday, 27 January 2013

NARS - Douceur&Penny Lane Blushes;

(left is Douceur, right is Penny Lane)
Hey all; 

Today I'm introducing you all to two NARS blushes I've come to love over the past week. Penny Lane is the cream version of Douceur, as well as being a lot more pink than its powdered 'double'.
Its hard for anyone to over do using these blushers as their lightness makes them easy to get the coverage you want. They're easily blended and look beautifully natural on the skin. These are perfect for anyone on the pale side - though medium skin could use these as well. I think they are going to be my staple spring/summer blush along with Mac's Melba blush.

They come in the normal NARS packaging, though  it does get dirty, I like the sleek design that can easily fit into any make up bag.
The price may be on the higher end but they are great value for money. I'm so tempted to buy Nars Sin as I have NYX in Raisin and love it!

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