Wednesday, 2 January 2013

SkinFood Red Bean BB Cream - My new love;

SkinFood Red Bean BB Cream - 45ml - Light Beige - £8

First of all - I've tried so many BB creams from high street brands, and I'm currently waiting Boots to send me my Dr Jarts Water Fuse BB Cream to test, but I've tried The Body Shop, N07, Collection 2000 etc.. and none of them were any good - so, I decided to buy a 'real' bb cream from where they originated - I looked for some from Germany, but I hit some walls with looking for a decent one, so I went to try Korea, and I found the perfect one!

I bought this on Ebay for roughly £8 which is a steal compared to other prices of BB creams. You do have to wait a while due to it being air mailed over. I bought my on the 19.12.12 and it arrived on the 01.12.12 - which isn't too long considering.

As soon as I got this product I tried it out right away - and it was love! It's the perfect colour match to my skin, as well as giving amazing coverage and a dewy finish. I'm someone that has normal/dry skin so I do have to stick to a more dewy finish which I don't hate - you can always add a little powder if you want it to last longer or to get rid of some shine.

SkinFood do different kinds of BB cream such as Mushroom, Red Bean, Aloe Sun etc.. Each one caters for a different skin type. Red Bean is a more hydrating one which suits my skin type perfectly.

I've only been testing it for a day but so far it's love. I'll update with a full review later but I love it so much I went online and ordered another one - seeing as it'll take a while to come, even though I know I won't run out of this one that quickly, I wanna keep stocked up with a few of them. I am going to buy the 
next shade up so I can use it in summer as well with SPF 20 PA+ It'll be great for summer as well as winter.

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