Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Feature Product #1;

Urban Decays Eyeshadow in Sell Out - £14

This is a gorgeous Champagne coloured shimmer eyeshadow. It is compared regularly to Stila Kitten and MAC Bare Study. I like this more than MAC or Stila's Versions. This blends so easily, and is perfect for an all over base colour, or to used to open, and brighten your eyes. I use this as both.

It blends with little effort like many UD shadows, and is a great everyday shadow, or if you want a natural look with some shimmer. Though you can get Stila in a paint pot, and MAC's Bare Study is a paint pot, I find the shadow versions is a lot more natural, and just easier to work with.

If I don't have my Urban Decay Naked Palate, in my make up bag, I always have this to brighten up my eyes - being a mum of a three month old, I need all the eye brightening I can get!

This is a must multi purpose item for any make up lover! If you prefer to use a shadow to brighten up your eyes than a liner, and it be able to fit snug in a bag this is the product for you.

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