Saturday, 23 February 2013

Weekly Lovin' (19.02.13);

MUA's Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter - £3

Does this remind you of anything? If you're a fan of MAC, or just buy it every now 'n' then, you may have spotted this design on their products. This is a gorgeous champagne highlight. I love how gorgeous it looks on my pale skin. For £3 I think it's a great blush, considering you pay more for packaging, even though it's a simple plastic packaging - the design of this makes it feel more expensive. This can be blended into the skin to make it look a lot more low key with still giving you the highlighted effect. It lasts roughly 5-7hrs on my face - but I always wear 'dew me' by Urban Decay over the top to set all my make up. I think this will be a staple highlight during summer. It'd look perfect with a fresh summer face or a natural look.

Stamp Notebook - 80p

This is my little 'Train Times' notebook. Being a mum and just someone who generally likes knowing what's, what. Sometimes I write basic things I need when I go shopping in it, or a 'to do,' list of sorts. It's got a little 'slip' part where you just slid the casing into making it shut so it doesn't keep flapping open. I love the design on it. I like vintage style things, and travelling so this goes hand in hand with them. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner - (Travel size is 3 for £3, Full Size is £5 to £7)

This has been my go to hair product this year. I originally bought the travel size because I've had a love hate relationship with deep conditioners and didn't wanna spend oodles of money on one that didn't work. You can buy different types of Aussie's Deep Conditioners, but I went when the Reconstructor as my hair needing saving than more shine, frizz free or colour treatment. This smells like those old bubble gum sweet tubes - rubbish for blowing bubbles but they smell and taste amazing! This does wonders for my hair - I bought 2 mini samples, and used one up before deciding to buy the bigger bottles. My hair wouldn't be the same without this stuff. It literally saved my hair when the weather was snowing now, and my hair didn't know what was going 'on. 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Pencil in Nude - £3.99

This product now has pride of place in my 'Bits and Bobs,' bag - which is basically a bag that I have beauty, and other nick nacks that I have in a small bag, within my bag. I use this during the day to wake my eyes up - I normally start the day with having Venus for the Urban Decay Naked Basic's Palate on my waterline, but I normally top up with this beauty during the day. It glides on and stays put all day (when I have used it first thing). It's a great alternative to putting white on your waterline. This is also good for an all over eye base - you can't go wrong at £3.99. Rimmel have really brought out some great product recently!

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