Sunday, 3 March 2013

Perfect Natural Eye Palatte;

Nars Kalahari Duo Eyeshadow - £25

This is a gorgeous eyeshadow duo. It's my go to natural eye color when I want some shimmer. The colors are so wearable and look good on pretty much everyone. I don't wear a lot of eye make up, and when I wear any apart from the basic mascara, I don't overdo it, as my eyes are already big, I don't need much to draw attention to them.

Urban Decay Basic Naked Palatte - £20

This is my daily make up Palatte that has pride of place in my make up bag. I use all the colors in the Palatte. Some people may think it is pointless, but I think it is a great Palatte to have even if you don't wear eye makeup often, it just finished up a look, and it makes your eyes look fresh. I only wore eye shadow about 3 times a month before buying this Palatte now I love putting it on to make my eyes look bright, natural and just polished off. All the colours but Venus are matte, so they're perfect for every day, and Venus is a perfect highlight colour. 

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