Hey, everyone. Welcome to my MeMeMe page. 

My name is Casey, though, my family call me Lulu (because my middle name is Louise)
I am very passionate about art. I've grown up with photographers and motorbikes.
I'm originally a Londoner, but I currently live independently up North. (Frequently going down south to visit family)

I'm still on the long road to find the perfect make-up for me, till that time, I will continue to search. I'm jealous about people that don't have to wear make-up and still look beautiful.

I have more scarves and bags than I know what to do with. I have a very comfortable/grunge style. I wear a leather jacket far too often. My skin is very temperamental and sensitive. It's classed as Normal - dry so if you have the same skin type hopefully my 'finds' will be perfect for you as well.


I drive a motorbike
I live 5hrs away from my parents
I'm engaged
I'm 19
I love Psych (TV show)
I have two younger brothers and an older sister
People say I don't look English. 

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Items I'm wanting